2017 Fab 40: Tony Latimer


Age: 50
City: Lehi

Casting call Tony inherited a green thumb from his grandparents. His first job was mowing lawns at age 12, and he spent his earnings on new plants. His passion blossomed into a career after discovering the horticulture degree at Utah State University. Now he is the horticulture specialist at Thanksgiving Point and the mastermind behind the Tulip Festival.

Behind-the-scenes “I initially did vegetable gardening — why grow it if you can’t eat it? I wasn’t into the beauty of gardens at first. I still have a vegetable garden, and I’m always looking at ways to extend the season.”

The show must go on “My grandfather died a couple weeks ago. He was 99. My grandparents were incredible. They lived through the depression, and my grandpa was still gardening until 97.”

No place like home “My favorite spot is the Secret Garden at Thanksgiving Point, which was the first area I was in charge of.”

Costume change “My first thoughts in the morning are about the plants. I always watch the weather really carefully to determine how to water the plants and we have lots of weddings to worry about. I should’ve been a weather man — I’m constantly looking at the radar.”

Break-a-leg advice “Grow what you like. Originally I tried to grow everything, and then you bring an eggplant to your wife and she asks, ‘What am I going to do with this?’”

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