Behind the scenes: The Fab 40 photoshoot must go on


When we turn on the lights and prepare the cameras for our Fab 40 photoshoot, the action takes place with multiple poses. Our Fab 40 gave us multiple magazine-worthy shots, but we can only print one photo in the magazine.

We’ve raised the curtain on our 2017 Fab 40 shoot for some of the fun shots that didn’t make our glossy pages.

Hats off to you

Our photoshoots had a fabulous start with indie singer Belle Jewel, hair stylist of 50 years Eva McCoy, Tech Trep Academy Executive Vice President Frantz Belot and Thanksgiving Point Horticulture Specialist Tony Latimer.


What do you get when you add together singer Emily Ray, comedian Zach Atherton, author Dan McDonald and a costume rack? Our prop-osition is a fun photoshoot.

Clear Instructions

The Fab 40 letters became a landmark of every photo. Dan McDonald made us laugh when the author and former lawyer decided to turn things upside down.

Painting Blue

Randly Blackburn adds colors to the sets at Lehi High School and also added color to our photoshoot. He brought in his Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” and jokingly painted Reno Mahe’s face, the BYU running backs coach. Fitness trainer Jill Kaufusi and Reno Mahe already knew each other — Jill married Reno’s cousin. Mindy Gleason brought a photo of the Orem All-Together Playground, which she helped organize.


Janis Farnsworth Lindley, Ang Black and Nikki Dabrowski unmasked their fabulousness at our photoshoot.

High and Low

There is no height requirement to be in the Fab, as demonstrated by the height differences in this photo of Chief Darren Paul, Cassandra Barney and Rick Schwuarck.

Filling Up

Calen Chan, Brent Brown, Ashley Mitchell and Nathan Stone filled up this photo with fabulousness.

Flippin’ Fabulous

When we asked freerunner Calen Chan if he could do some flips for us, he happily obliged.

Air Time

Brittany Jepsen juggles a creative website, The House that Lars Built, while Dr. Tom Judd juggled the life of being on-call to deliver over 26,000 babies and Carolyn Billings juggled one of her many athletic tape rolls.

An Apple a Day

An apple a day brings the fabulousness our way, like Rachel Farnsworth, Ardice Lorscheider and Curtis Morley.

Unmasking the Fab

Behind these masks are Vocal Point videos, a financial strategy firm, a food pantry and an autism preschool. (From left to right: Jeff Parkin, Stephen Mongie, Anadine Marshall and Janeen McFadden.) 

Wardrobe Inquiries

From feather boas to sailor jackets, the fab enjoyed sifting through the costumes.


Read about each of our Fab 40 here.


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