2017 Fab 40: Nathan Stone


Age: 17
City: Orem

Casting call When lightning struck a pole close to Nathan and forced him to the ground, he wondered why and so he re-created a lightning bolt with a tesla coil. His curiosity led him to create weekly YouTube science videos. Keystone Science now has more than 93,000 subscribers and more than 2 million views. After his graduation from Mountain View High School, he plans to serve an LDS mission and then triple major in physics, electrical engineering and chemical engineering.

The show must go on “When I started doing science videos I didn’t have any money, so I would scrape around for supplies — broken PVC or taking the pieces out of broken microwaves.”

Costume change “I play piano, harmonica, ukulele, trumpet and the organ.”

No place like home “I like Nielsen’s Grove Park in Orem. It’s peaceful there with great scenery.”

Dress rehearsal “I was riding my bike when I saw some people that I knew from school, so I was waving to them, but then I hit a car. I flipped off my bike and I was unconscious for maybe 10 seconds.”

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