Nu Skin embraces the madness, maintains employee productivity during NCAA basketball tournament


Nu Skin invited the Utah Jazz Dunk Team to its office in Provo, Utah on Wednesday to kick off its March Madness celebration. (Photo by Rebecca Lane/UV360)

Once brackets are set and the NCAA tournament bounces into action, March Madness takes over everything — even business. WalletHub estimates corporations lose $4 billion in productivity during March Madness.

One Provo business is busting the bracket on productivity challenges by welcoming the madness in its front doors. Each March, Nu Skin invites its 1,500 employees to celebrate the NCAA tournament at work.

“We started for a couple reasons,” said David Daines, vice president of global human resources at Nu Skin. “It’s part of who we are. We want to make the work environment a fun and engaging place. And so we thought this was a fun time of year to start doing things like this. The other reason we did it is we find that most people at this time are calling in sick. They’re taking vacation days. They’re leaving. But not here.”

A volunteer from the crowd tosses the ball to one of the members of the Utah Jazz Dunk Team. (Photo by Rebecca Lane/UV360)

Daines said during during the NCAA tournament Nu Skin broadcasts games at the office (including on its 50-foot high definition screen in the atrium), provides treats, challenges employees in contests and keeps basketball hoops on the main floor for pick-up games and shooting around. And, of course, Nu Skin has its own group where employees can put their brackets to the test against one another.

“While they are still involved in some of the games and brackets, they are doing that here at work as opposed to home,” Daines said.

Wednesday afternoon Nu Skin kicked off its March Madness tradition by inviting the Utah Jazz Dunk Team to perform in its lobby for all the workers before serving Jdawgs for lunch.

Nu Skin Community Relations Manager Taylor Henderson says he is grateful the company functions more as a community.

“It’s really fun that we do more than just work,” Henderson said. “It’s a cultural thing where we’re involved as a family. … We get to make memories with each other.”

While the First Four pay tonight, the NCAA tournament officially kicks off on Thursday, March 23. Tournament brackets need to be filled out on ESPN.com before Thursday by 12 p.m. ET.

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