Provo City received a special present for its 168th birthday — its very own theme song.

“Not many cities have their own theme song but thanks to The National Parks, Provo now has an anthem to call its own,” wrote Provo Mayor John Curtis on his blog. “I’d like to thank Brady Parks for the beautiful lyrics that ring so true to so many people. Provo is home, whether you are a long time resident or a visitor who may only be here for a brief time.”

The song is written by Brady Parks, frontman for The National Parks. The five-member indie folk pop band performs the short two-minute song.

In 2013, The National Parks formed a group in Provo, Utah, releasing their first album, “Young,” in September of the same year. That album climbed to No. 13 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. They released a second album, “Until I Live,” in 2015.

Provo is celebrating its 168th birthday — which is on April 1 — from March 27 to April 3 with a myriad of events. View the events here.

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