Utah-Tube: Working With Lemons’ delightful ‘Beauty and the Beast’ video features all-abilities cast


Working with Lemons invited Camp Kostopulos to participate in their delightful music video for “Beauty and the Beast” video.

The special needs campers, from the Salt Lake camp, played the villagers in the music video for “Belle.”

The Kostopulos Dream Foundation has offered recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities since 1967. Its longest running program is its Summer Camp, which invites kids, teens, and adults with disabilities or special medical to a five-day camp.

Don Hudson, an anchor for ABC4 Utah, joined Working With Lemons to play the role of Gaston.

Working With Lemons is a Utah family that creates YouTube videos that sometimes includes friends, which explains the groups motto, “When life gives you lemons, make movies.”

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