Utah-Tube: James the Mormon takes polaroid shots of moments that matter in new video


James Curran, more commonly known as James the Mormon, went on a holiday to Chicago to film his newest music video, “Holiday,” with rapper Taylor Bennett. But don’t let that point confuse you.

James the Mormon didn’t write his newest song to talk about vacation, but instead he wanted to write a song that shared a message more focused on people around you than on the material things in the world.

“The song ‘Holiday’ is meant to share the message that material things will never bring you happiness,” Jamesthemormon said in an email. “The real ‘Holiday’ comes from spending time with those you love and focusing on them.” People get caught up in everything happening around them that they often lose focus of what’s important, so its good to have a reminder.”

James the Mormon is a Provo musician who hit No. 1 on the Top Hip-Hop/Rap Album iTunes chart in April 2016 with his album, “Not a Rapper.”

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