Abby Skousen — 2017 high schooler who will change the world


Student: Abby Skousen
School: Skyridge High School
Parents Rick & Julie Skousen

As the first student body president of Skyridge High School, Abby Skousen has been a giant leader from her 4-foot-11 frame.

Mini-resume 3.98 GPA, student body president, member of O.U.R. (Human Trafficking Club), Hope Squad, dance company, piano teacher, Ghana humanitarian trip

Plans after high school Utah State to study special education. LDS mission.

Personal motto Come what may and love it!

Advice for freshmen Be yourself. Don’t worry about what others think. Live life! Join a club or team and attend events. Care about your education. Make friends!

Guilty pleasure Pizza Pie Cafe and chick flicks.

Challenges I had depression my sophomore year, but I realized life is supposed to be happy.

Most common thing your parents say to you “Clean your room” and “We love you.”

Best high school memory Winning best ensemble at the Jimmy’s with Lehi drama.

How would others describe you? As a happy girl who does weird things, cares about others and is just herself.

Best pressure In a leadership position, I feel pressure to always do the right thing and never give up.

Stress management I sit in my car for the longest time and just breathe. Then I go tell my mom about it.

How will you change the world? By loving everyone. Everyone has a story. We should be friends not foes because together we can change the world.

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