Abigail Smith — 2017 high schooler who will change the world


Abigail Smith
Westlake High School
Terry & Lisa Smith

One of Abigail Smith’s jazz teacher’s taught her to get comfortable with the uncomfortable — and she applies this dance principle to high school. “Don’t get stuck in a rut or build up mental walls that inhibit the future,” Abigail advises.

Mini-resume 33 ACT, skipped second grade, second attendant in Miss Saratoga Springs, Barlow Arts Conservatory scholarship, ballet teacher, LDS Young Womanhood Recognition, top 24 in international ballet competition, multiple AP classes.

Plans after high school BFA in ballet from University of Utah, teach, marriage and family, start a studio.

Advice for freshmen Don’t procrastinate or you’ll have late nights, early mornings and pay extra money. Not fun, my friends, not fun.

Guilty pleasure Fruit snacks.

Challenges In ninth grade, my GPA tanked due to complications with online high school. I learned the importance of communication, and I learned to not let one or two bad grades destroy my self image or my hope.

Most common thing your parents say to you “What’s your homework situation tonight?” “How was ballet today?” “Drive safe!” “We love you!”

No. 1 thing you’ve learned in high school The important of a balanced lifestyle for my sanity.

Stress management I take my problems to my parents and they find a way to help me.

How will you change the world? I want to be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

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