Sheralyn and Chris Bennett develop strong relationships with the people they help and have a referral-based business as a result.

Realtors Sheralyn and Chris Bennett — voted the valley’s top Realtors — have five suggestions for sifting through the process of homebuying to help you find the house you’ve been puzzling over.

1. Set realistic expectations

A first-time home buyer probably isn’t going to find a perfect home, Chris says. “I don’t want to spin tales of unrealistic expectations,” Sheralyn says. Being realistic from the start will save time, money and disappointment later on.

2. Address the finances

Before the Bennetts will show anyone a house, the buyer first needs to be pre-approved with the lender. It’s important to know what the buyer qualifies for and what they’re comfortable with as a monthly payment. Down payments don’t have to be scary, Sheralyn says. They’re there to walk buyers through it, and programs are available.

3. Take care of logistics

Utah hasn’t adopted licensing requirements for home inspectors. However, Sheralyn and Chris recommend finding a licensed inspector to identify any issues with the property or house.

4. Choose a good location

“Location, location, location,” Chris says. For example, the buyer needs to consider safety, distance to work, pet requirements or local schools. But remember realistic expectations: “It’s really hard to have the beachside property in the woods with no neighbors but close to everything.”

5. Communicate openly

The Bennetts believe communication is key. They want their buyers to be comfortable talking with them about problems or finances as they work through the homebuying process together. The person comes first for them, and they want the buyer to be happy and comfortable in a new home. Even if it means setting a goal for down the road, the Bennetts will work with you for years to help you get there.

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