Emma Todd — 2017 high schooler who will change the world


Student: Emma Todd
School: American Heritage School
Parents: Daniel & Ilima Todd

Emma Todd lives across the street from American Heritage School, which is convenient for this musical, theatrical, academic and outdoorsy senior who says the best advice she received is to put God first and everything else would fall into place.

Mini-resume President of Service Association at American Heritage, piano and percussion in school orchestra, musical compositions that’ve been played at the school, in concerts, on the radio and online, starred in community musicals and plays, and white-water canoeing.

Plans after high school BYU and later have a family.

Personal motto Make the magical moment.

Advice for freshmen Life isn’t all about scores and GPAs. Make sure you’re not so focused on schoolwork that you skip important things.

Guilty pleasure Watch “H2O: Just Add Water,” “Chill with Bob Ross” or “When Calls the Heart.” Spam Musubi.

Challenges A few years ago I felt really down for a long time. I wasn’t happy or motivated. That’s when I turned to service. Helping others got me out of that dark time.

Most common thing your parents say to you “Emma, can you make a playlist for [insert situation or event]?”

Best high school memory I helped raise enough money to feed a large group in the Philippines for a month.

How will you change the world? If someone is at their lowest low, I want to lift them back up through music I make, by being a friend, through a service project, or even just by being a good mom in the future.

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