Hannah Khelfa — 2017 high schooler who will change the world


Student: Hannah Khelfa
School: Utah County Academy of Sciences
Parents: Fata & Sue Khelfa

Hannah Khelfa’s story can be told through the props she brought to the photoshoot. She’s been on the robotics team for five years. Her family is from Morocco — and she’s fluent in the language even though she grew up in Utah. She loves reading, cooking and martial arts.

Mini-resume 3.9 GPA, robotics project manager and lead programmer, National Honors Society, Book Club, Tutoring Club, Red Cross Club, Math & Science Club, track, hapkido, taekwondo, yearbook, Regan Award, Science Award, Presidential Physical Fitness Award, Robotics Innovate Award, first place in Robotics Game.

Plans after high school University of Utah for a biomedical engineering degree, then either medical school or a nanotechnology Ph.D.

Girl power I built a bridge out of balsa wood and it held over 1,400 pounds. The class average was only 500 pounds.

Guilty pleasure My biggest time-waster is reading. In eighth grade English, we would get extra credit if we read more than 25 books a month. There was not a single month that I didn’t read more than 25 books with ease.

Challenges UCAS is a high school connected to UVU, so you get an associate degree along with a high school diploma. The hardest thing was realizing this no longer middle school — you are in college now.

How will you change the world? I am not sure yet, but I know I want to make a difference.

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