Matthew Viveiros — 2017 high schooler who will change the world


Student: Matthew Viveiros
School: Timpview High School
Parents: David & Abby Viveiros

On the first day of driver’s ed, Matthew Viveiros backed up into a teacher’s car. Since then he’s straightened out the wheel, earned a perfect GPA and taken 11 AP classes.

Mini-resume 4.0 GPA, 99th percentile ACT and SAT scores, 11 AP classes, National AP Scholar, National Merit Finalist, varsity lacrosse, Eagle Scout, hospital intern, National Honor Society, Future Health Professionals of America chair member, senator in student government.

Plans after high school LDS mission in Washington DC South Mission, Chinese Mandarin speaking, departing July 5! Attend Duke or BYU.

Advice for freshmen Make the most of opportunities while you can. Try to have as few regrets as possible. Do your homework. Oh, and don’t throw paper airplanes during the ACT.

Guilty pleasure The No. 2 at Chick-fil-A with large fries —and “Breaking Bad.”

Best high school memory Recess … oh wait.

Stress management Playing the piano — usually for hours.

Most common things your parents say to you “Clean your room” and “be an example.”

Best advice you have received My father always tells me the best way to become successful is to “find your passion and monetize it.”

How will you change the world? I’m going to start by creating the most constructive healthcare corporation and then taking my profits to improve the chemical manufacturing and energy sector.

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