Naomi Wendt — 2017 high schooler who will change the world


Student: Naomi Wendt
School: Mountain View High School
Parents: Ian Wendt & Laurel Wendt

Every time Naomi Wendt’s teacher sees her, she is lifting and building students who need a friend.

Mini-resume 4.0 GPA, 32 ACT, MVHS General Sterling Scholar, chamber choir president, involvement in 10 different clubs including two presidencies, National Honors Society.

Plans after high school BYU,  LDS mission.

Personal motto “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.” –Mother Teresa

Keys to happiness in high school Reach out to other people and you will be so much happier than if you completely focus on yourself.

Guilty pleasure I love period piece romances like Jane Austen and Sarah M. Eden books. I once read four books in four days and recently stayed up late watching the six-hour “Pride and Prejudice.”

Challenge you’ve overcome When I was 8 years old my parents divorced. I’ve been the oldest child of a single parent family and that has presented many challenges — but countless lessons and blessings as well.

Best advice you have received When I was upset with a mistake I made, my mom told me “don’t take it too hard, just take it to heart.”

How will you change the world? I will be get involved with humanitarian work, whether that be through my degree or just through little actions and donations. But in the mean time, I can change the world around me by continuing to reach out and spread kindness.

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