Not just for video games: Dr. John Salmon and Jeffery Smith


Dr. John Salmon (left) and Jeffery Smith (right) created a virtual reality program makes it possible to have on-the-job training anywhere. (Photo By Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

After a summer internship with Lockheed Martin, junior Jeffery Smith returned to BYU with funding to create a virtual reality program that would allow engineers to undergo essential training from any location in the world.

With the help of Dr. John Salmon, a professor in the BYU mechanical engineering department, and a team of students, Jeffery created the technology.

“It enables training to be much more efficient, much more effective and much faster in new, unique and cheaper ways,” John says. “You don’t need physical buildings and the training gear for people to understand the process.”

Although developed for engineers, the practical applications of the technology are limitless. With the program people can learn the motions used to throw a javelin from an office cubicle.

Working with John gave Jeffery hands-on experience because John let him take initiative on the project while he acted as a guiding hand. Although there have been some road bumps, the two have worked together to overcome the challenges.

“If I knew all the answers, it wouldn’t be research,” John says.

When problems arise, Jeffery attempts to solve them himself first and then he approaches John with potential solutions.

“Our personalities mesh well so we joke and have fun all the time,” Jeffery says. “We easily bounce ideas off each other.”

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