Tiana Argyle — 2017 high schooler who will change the world


Student: Tiana Argyle
School: Payson High School
Parents: Chad & Sheree Argyle

Tiana Argyle’s legacy at Payson High School includes the 300-meter hurdle record and three swimming records.

Mini-resume 4.0 GPA, completed two 50-mile races and three half marathons, captain of the cross country, swim and track and field teams, senior class vice president, dance company, shot and gutted own elk, LDS Young Womanhood Recognition, dance and gymnastics teacher.

Plans after high school UVU majoring in health education and minoring in physical education. LDS mission. High school teacher and coach.

Personal motto See a need, fill a need.

Advice for freshmen Love who you are. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

Best high school memory I try to make every day worth remembering.

Guilty pleasure Eating bananas dipped in chocolate and reading a good book.

Most common thing your parents say to you “I love you” and “Drive safe.”

No. 1 thing you’ve learned in high school How to prioritize and use time wisely.

How would others describe you? Positive, productive and unafraid to try hard things.

Best advice you’ve received Do your best and God will do the rest.

Stress management I exercise and I also like to make a list with checkboxes.

How will you change the world? I will change the world one student at a time. I want to inspire others to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

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