Utah-Tube: Dahlia Row ‘will’ make you smile with Beatles’ cover


Dahlia Row “will” make you smile with their new music video cover of the classic Beatles’ song, “I Will.”

The group from Payson, Utah adjusted the classic Beatles song by taking an acoustic, swing approach. As part of the string version, Dahlia Row invited Jake Coleman to collaborate on the song. Coleman, a Springville, Utah resident, played the bass for the song

“For this arrangement we wanted to give it a swing feel but we give it a bit of a string twist by incorporating the ukulele as well; not the traditional three piece string ensemble,” Dahlia Row wrote in an email.

This is the first music video for the group in 2017, just a year after organizing the group and releasing their first music video. After independently producing and funding an eight-track album in 2016, the group plans on making another album in 2017. This time the album will cover “timeless works spanning from the 40s to the 80s.”

The new group of three — including Becky Foster (piano and vocals), Lynda Breese (violin) and Chris Meek (vocals) — organized Dahlia Row at the beginning of the summer in 2016 for a chance to continue their love for music.

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  1. Chris Meek says:

    Love that Utah Valley 360 supports local musicians! Thank you!

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