Class of 2007: Where are they now?


Compiled by Darla Smith

Utah Valley Magazine has been featuring high schoolers who will change the world for the past 17 years. This year, we turned back to our 2007 “yearbook” and held a glossy-paged reunion with eight of our featured faces. We quizzed them on how they’ve changed — and how they’ve changed the world.

Amanda Fujiki — Meridian School graduate

Current city Salt Lake City

Family Husband, Peter

Career Resident physician at University of Utah

Greatest accomplishment in the past 10 years Graduating from medical school and matching into a fantastic residency program. Also, marrying my husband, Peter, who is all-around the greatest.

Current motto Be kind, be honest, be on time.

Advice for graduating seniors Don’t be afraid to ask for help in reaching your goals!

What do you wish you knew 10 years ago? Anything can be a learning experience if you decide to make it one.

Andrea Staheli — Spanish Fork High School graduate

2017 Photo By Janae Kristen Photography

Current city Spanish Fork

Family Husband, Brent; two sons, Jensen (3) and Davis (1)

Career Mom and part-time public relations and marketing professional for Clyde Companies

Greatest accomplishment in the past 10 years My greatest accomplishment is finding the right person to be with. Brent is the reason I have a happy day-to-day life. Together we have our children, our home, goals for the future, and I have the opportunity to work part-time – something that offers me joy and personal development — because he supports me in whatever I choose to do.

Hero My mom. She is smart, selfless and a stand-out in her field. Her ability to serve others so easily motivates me to be better.

Current motto Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.

Brad Woodward — American Leadership Academy graduate

Current City Salem

Family Engaged

Career U.S. Air Force (RF Transmissions) / Quality Systems Manager (Civilian job)

Advice for graduating seniors The “who” in life is so much more important than the “what.” As you begin to graduate, look so far into the future that you can see your “end-game” self. Imagine the best version of you and work backwards with determination and integrity to become just that. Your character as a person will speak volumes louder than your career or accomplishments.

Current motto Work smarter, not harder.

What do you wish you knew 10 years ago? I wish I knew better the value and benefit of humility and how crucial of an attribute it is to one’s true happiness and success.

Hannah Bates Christensen — Mountain View High School graduate

Current city Vicksburg, Mississippi

Family Husband, Scott; daughter, Vienna (2) and son, Levi (4 months old)

Career Full-time mom, part-time adjunct faculty at Hinds’ Community College and private clarinet and piano teacher

Greatest accomplishment in the past 10 years Choosing to marry someone who is absolutely committed to God, to me and my happiness, and to being a wonderful father. Regardless of how many more decades pass since high school and how many more things I do, that will always remain my greatest accomplishment.

Hero My mom and mother-in-law.

Current motto Changing the world one diaper change at a time. (Only partially kidding.)

Chelsea Gould Tavana — Orem High School graduate

Current city Orem

Family: Hubby, Devin; furry baby, Chloe, and praying for a real baby!

Career Non-profit and international development

Greatest accomplishment in the past 10 years

Graduating college felt big because I had to have multiple heart surgeries including open heart. As far as my career, I spent four months in Malawi, Africa, collecting data to create an evaluation of the School of Agriculture for Family Independence, which is part of Nu Skin’s Force For Good Foundation.

Advice for graduating seniors Get involved in service and when you go to college be social! Keep good grades, but don’t be so uptight you can’t have fun. Also remember whatever grades you get your freshman year follow you, so take an easier class load so you can get used to college and do well and have fun.

Laura Sheffield Dutson — Provo High School graduate

Current city Millcreek

Family Husband, Jason Dutson; daughter, Annie (3)

Career: Adjunct faculty in English

What do you wish you knew 10 years ago? Ten years ago, I had a slam-dunk life plan. Everything was charted and check-boxed. I wish I’d known then what I know now: the most beautiful things in life are surprises. Plans change, expectations shift, and life happens. And hallelujah for that!

Current motto I remember my dad saying, “The only constant in life is change.” I’m ever surprised by life; we ought to expect the unexpected.

Advice for graduating seniors Be flexible; be brave. Try new things. Get involved in projects and clubs. Go on adventures.

Paige Crosland Anderson — Timpview High School graduate

Current city Salt Lake City

Family Husband, Michael Anderson; three daughters: Ada (6), Olive (3), and Maren (5 months)

Career Professional artist

Greatest accomplishment in the past 10 years I feel most proud of my marriage and family. We’ve navigated an international move and living as expats for a year without speaking the native language. We’ve brought three healthy girls into the world and done our best to instill in them creativity, love of self and others and a hunger for learning. Other accolades have come along (speaking at BYU’s commencement in 2011, a purchase award from a museum and other awards relating to my artwork) but the lasting joy and satisfaction just don’t compare.

Current hero My mom is and will always be.

P.J. Boyer — Springville High School graduate

Current city St. Louis, Missouri

Family Wife, Whitney Ophelia Winegar Boyer; and children Evelyn (4) and Lydia (1)

Career Finishing medical school in May, then going into pediatrics

What do you wish you knew 10 years ago? I wish I knew that skinny ties were going to be cool. I would have stocked up at DI before all the hipsters got them. I also wish I knew how hot dogs were made because I just saw that episode of “How It’s Made” and now I can’t stop thinking about how many of them I ate in college. Most of all I wish I knew how amazing my parents are. Seriously, they deserve the Nobel Prize in being great people, and I think it would have done me some good to figure that out earlier.

Greatest accomplishment in the past 10 years My family.

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