BYU grads earn accidental fame in the Philippines


Sumner Mahaffey, Connor Peck, Davis Blount, Tylan Glines, and Jacob Mingus. (Photo courtesy Hey Joe Show Facebook)

On BYU’s campus, these five 23-year-old students are just you average Joe. In the Philippines, however, they are major stars.

“People in the Philippines don’t always recognize that we’re not famous when we come back to America,” said Connor Peck in BYU’s video sharing their story.

The Hey Joe Show members — Peck, Sumner Mahaffey, Tylan Glines, Jacob Mingus, and Davis Blount — met while serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Philippines. When they returned home from their missions, they decided to create family-friendly video content in Cebuano, or Bisaya, specifically for people in areas of the Philippines that speak that language.

The group has created comedic videos as well as music videos, including “My Morena Girl” — a song that reached No. 3 on the Filipino national chart.

Watch the video about their accidental climb to fame in the Philippines below. Read the full article at

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