Utah-Tube: GENTRI honors mothers with one mother’s advice — ‘Let It Be’


Honoring mothers everyone and the sound advice they share, GENTRI covered the Beatles’ hit song, “Let It Be,” for Mother’s Day.

“This Mother’s Day weekend we honor the wisdom of those who have lifted us up when we felt low and strengthened us when we felt weak,” GENTRI wrote on Facebook. “Whether it be our mothers, wives, sisters or friends we are grateful for the incredible women in our lives who continually encourage and support us through everything we do.”

The Utah group, a trio of tenors that formed in 2014, chose “Let It Be” as its Mother’s Day song because it was inspired by Paul McCartney’s mother.

“I went to bed one night and had a kind of restless night,” McCartney shared about writing the song. “But I had a dream where my mother, who had been dead at that point for about 10 years, came to me in the dream and it was as if she could see that I was troubled. And she sort of said to me, she said, ‘Let it be.’”

After the Beatles released “Let it Be” on March 11, 1970, the song spent 14 weeks as the No. 1 song.

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