Suggestions Salon owner is in the people business, not the hair business


Darcy Moody, owner of Suggestions Salon, curled and pinned bride Katelin Parcell Rock’s hair the morning of the wedding. Then the two also made plans for Darcy to come to Sundance and fix Katelin’s hair again before the reception that evening. “The person has to feel loved,” Darcy says about her clients. “They have to feel like you are listening to them. You have to go the extra mile.”

Since 2002, Darcy Moody has led the team at Suggestions Salon in Orem.

Now she has snipped and clipped her way to being voted the No. 1 hairstylist in the valley for 2017 — and it has all come from laying the framework for her business.

She started with the edge pieces when she bought the business from the previous owners and continued filling in the puzzle with her own leadership style.

“We all bring a culture with us when we lead a group,” Darcy says. “I am a lover of people. … My whole goal was to bring people in and to love them and build a community.”


Hair Maintenance Tip

Darcy says one of the biggest mistakes people make in hair care is using bad products.

“The products you are using at home are really important. Make sure you are using a really good sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, that you have a thermal protectant you are using when you style your hair at home and just really good quality products.”


Darcy considers her customers more than clients — they are friends.

“I feel like I get to share in their lives,” Darcy says. “What a unique career I have that I get to be part of people’s lives on an intimate level.”

These more-than-hair caring relationships are lessons she is passing on to her employees.

Darcy also passes on her styling skills. She holds meetings with her approximately 30 employees to make sure they are up to date on the latest techniques.

“It’s really important we continue learning because things change frequently,” Darcy says. “I think that’s another thing that’s created a point of difference is that we keep up and educated.”


Rebecca Lane

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