Jeremy Cowdrey, executive vice president of sales & marketing at Imagine Learning, awards
Ernie Broderick, the principal at Stansbury Elementary in Salt Lake City, the Utah Innovator in Education award on Thursday, May 11. (Photo courtesy of Imagine Learning)

PROVO, UT – Imagine Learning celebrated a move to its new corporate headquarters on Thursday, May 11, by awarding Principal Ernie Broderick, who leads Stansbury Elementary School in Salt Lake City, the 2017 Utah Innovator in Education award.

The Utah Innovator in Education award is given out annually to an excellent educator.

“Principal Broderick is a champion of both education and helping kids in Utah,” said Jeremy Cowdrey, executive VP of sales and marketing for Imagine Learning, in a press release. “He exemplifies the kind of leader who really looks out for the general welfare of his students as well as their educational needs. The Utah Innovator in Education Award highlights his great achievements over the past two decades — especially as an advocate of technology in the classroom.”

Imagine Learning started in 2004 with the goal of teaching language, literacy, and mathematics to the children of the world. Now 13 years later, the company has grown to more than 500 employees and services school districts in all 50 states. 

“Thirteen years ago, Imagine Learning was started by six people who wanted to make a difference for kids,” said Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning, in a press release. “Today, there are nearly 500 members of the Imagine Learning family—each one passionate about helping kids succeed in math, language, and literacy. As open house visitors toured our new building and tried out our products, we saw them get excited as they caught the vision of what we do here. We appreciate the hundreds of employees, family members, and leaders in our community who helped us celebrate this landmark event for Imagine Learning.”

The new corporate headquarters is located at 382 W. Park Circle in Provo, Utah.

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