5 unique pizzas in Utah Valley that are better than pepperoni


Malawi’s Pizza has a refreshing Malawi’s Capri pizza. (Photo courtesy of Malawi’s Pizza Facebook)

Stop with the pepperoni already and give one of these pizzas a run for its mozzarella. In honor of May 19 being National Pizza Party Day, here are five unique pizzas at Utah Valley pizzerias that will top the toppings on the traditional pizza pie.

Brick Oven: Western Steak Pizza

If you consider yourself a carnivore, this No. 1 Best of Utah Valley winner has a pizza that’s more than pepperoni. The Western Steak Pizza’s main ingredient is seasoned steak. Add in the barbecue sauce, bell peppers, breaded onion straws with Bleu cheese crumbles and cilantro for a new hardy meal.

Malawi’s Pizza: Malawi’s Capri

If you are looking for a refreshing alternative to the traditionally heavy dish, the Malawi Capri serves as a lighter alternative. The colorful pizza is a tomato dream with red tomatoes, roasted yellow tomatoes and basil. Its base is creamy Alfredo with mozzarella and a balsamic reduction.

The Chile Verde pizza at SLAB marries Italian and Hispanic food. (Photo courtesy of SLAB Facebook)

Slab Pizza: Chile Verde

Combining different types of cuisine, SLAB Pizza marries Italian and Hispanic food to create the Chile Verde slab. The sauces run this pizza with chile verde, cilantro ranch dressing and salsa. The pizza includes romaine and cilantro.


Pizza Factory: The Jerry

This pizza name gives no indication of what tops it. The Jerry has a traditional crust and is coated with a ranch sauce. It is topped with seasoned chicken, jalapeños, crisp bacon, mozzarella and provolone cheese.

Terra Mia

This Italian food devotee makes an exception for one pizza on the menu — the Americana. What do Americans love? On this pizza, the ingredients suggest Americans love barbecue sauce, mozzarella, onion, bacon and chicken.

Do you have a favorite pizza from a Utah Valley pizzeria? Tell us in the comments.

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