Utah-Tube: The Piano Guys harmonize with Sir Cliff Richard to echo a hopeful message


The Piano Guys harmonized with Sir Cliff Richard to echo a hopeful message, “It’s Gonna Be Okay.”

This music video features the song, “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” performed by The Piano Guys and guest singer Sir Cliff Richard. Sir Cliff Richard is a British rock ‘n’ roll sensation who’s been performing since the 1950s.

The Piano Guys first released a music video of their original song, “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” in September 2016.

“But just because what sells, what goes ‘viral,’ or what gets attention may try to drown out the good in the world, it doesn’t mean that goodness is gone,” wrote The Piano Guys about their inspiration for writing the song. “Just because choruses of controversy and scandal shout louder than quiet symphonies of service, it doesn’t mean that inside most of us still genuinely want happiness not only for ourselves, but also our family, our friends, and our fellow human beings.”

The Piano Guys got their start in St. George, Utah at Paul Andersen’s piano store called “The Piano Guys,” which inspired the name of this classical and collaborative clan: Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Andersen and Al van der Beek.


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