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Provo City’s Covey Center for the Arts is thrilled to announce their 2017–18 theatre season! This dynamic season is being heralded as a “Return to the Modern Classics,” featuring edgy English playwrights, cherished works of Americana, as well as new spins on old classics.

“Murder By the Book”

Kicking off this season in the Covey Center’s intimate 95-seat Brinton Black Box Theatre is “Murder By the Book,” which will run from, July 27 – Aug. 19. Written by Duncan Greenwood and Robert King, and directed by Reese Purser, this lighthearted comedic thriller is full of twists, comedy, passion, and an assassination gone awry! The New York Times, aptly described what an audience member would experience by stating, ”’Murder by the Book,’ is filled with plot twists and gimmicks. Who is dead and why and who the murderers are change from moment to moment.”

“War of the Worlds”

Following a comedic and murderous summer, patrons will have the opportunity to revisit the past with Dave Hansen’s new play, “War of the Worlds.” Running from Oct. 5 – 28, directed by Ben Hopkin, we bring the audience into the minds and lives of various ordinary citizens leading up to the days before, during, and after Oct. 30, 1938. That’s when legendary writer/director/producer Orson Welles shook the nation with his radio drama adaptation of H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel by the same title. Recreate the past with live Foley sound effects, and let the panic ensue! 

“Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings”

For the Holiday season, join husband and wife directing duo, Skye and Ben Cummins as they re-resurrect the favorite vocalists of “Forever Plaid” in the hilarious sequel, “Plaid Tidings.” Gracing the stage from Nov. 30 – Dec. 23, come and enjoy this spectacular performance, which begins after a heavenly phone call from above, and ends with the All Mighty sending these beloved crooners back to earth to bring harmony to the holidays.

“Barefoot in the Park”

“Barefoot in the Park” by Neil Simon will arrive just following the romantic hysteria of Valentine’s Day. Running from Feb. 22 – March 17, this far-out 1960s piece will take the audience to the fifth floor of a run-down NYC apartment building, brimming with a handful of pretty colorful characters, and shared by seemingly ill-suited newly weds, Corie and Paul Bratter. Directed by Robinne Booth, this piece is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of all.

“Steel Magnolias”

Finishing the season we have “Steel Magnolias.” Written by Robert Harling and directed by Lynne D. Bronson, the gossip in Truvy’s small town southern beauty parlor runs thicker than the shampoo, and higher than beehive-teased hair. Join us in the beauty chairs of six local ladies, April 26 – May 19, to share in the bitter and the sweet moments of life with sass, strength, and a good amount of sweet tea.

Season Tickets on sale now: $65 for public and $55 for students, seniors, and military tickets.covey.center or by calling (801) 852.7007.

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