BYU football fans already knew former quarterback Taysom Hill has a good throwing arm, but baseball fans learned on Saturday that the football player also has a good swing.

During the Jordy Nelson Charity Softball Game — which benefits Young Life, a faith-based organization that connects youth with adult leaders — Hill hit a grand total of 19 home runs.

“I hope they moved all the vehicles outside the fence,” said Jordy Nelson on packers.com. “Taysom Hill broke (a windshield) in the sponsor game. I’m pretty sure Rich broke a few windows. It’s pretty amazing what these guys can do, just natural athletes, the way they swing the bat.”

Hill, an undrafted free agent for the Green Bay Packers, was on the offense team along with former BYU football teammate Jamaal Williams. Their team won the game 27–25, but the bigger accomplishment was the $130,000 raised for Young Life.

During his career at BYU, Hill had four season-ending injuries. However, the 26-year-old wasn’t willing to give up his NFL dreams, so he entered the NFL Draft. And Bleacher Report is anticipating that this gamble will pay off. Bleacher Report recently named Hill as the undrafted free agent with the Green Bay Packers most likely to be drafted. Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has liked Hill’s showing at practice.

“He belongs,” McCarthy told the media after the second practice of rookie orientation.

Hill feels up to the challenge of learning another offense and playing in the NFL.

“I’ve had three different offensive coordinators at BYU, so I’ve had the opportunity to learn three different offenses and I feel like I picked them up really well,” Hill told Bleacher Report. “But there wasn’t as much put on the quarterback in those offenses as there is here, so that’s going to be new. But I’m excited for the challenge.”

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