The next mayors of several cities, including Lindon, Genola and Woodland Hills, are pretty much a given after Wednesday night’s filing deadline — only one candidate applied for the position in each city. But in other cities, the non-partisan mayoral candidates are facing a tough race to a primary election on Aug. 15.

Provo, where Mayor John Curtis isn’t running for re-election, has the most candidates vying for the post — 10. Lehi, where the incumbent is running, and Eagle Mountain, where the current mayor is not running, tie for second, with six candidates who will be on the primary ballot for mayor. Highlands’s got five candidates, while the rest of the county’s 24 cities have two to four candidates running for mayor. In races where there are two or fewer candidates, the candidates will automatically be on the ballot in November.


  • Sheldon Wimmer
  • Rob Schoen
  • Troy Stout
  • Melanie Ewing

American Fork

  • Carlton Bowen
  • Brad Frost
  • Daniel Copper

Cedar Hills

  • Jenney Rees
  • Curt Crosby

Cedar Fort

  • Lynette Groff
  • Kelly Berry
  • David Gustin

Eagle Mountain

  • Casey Voeks
  • Jonathan Vail
  • Debbie Hooge
  • Tom Westmoreland
  • Stephanie Gricius
  • Taylor Malungahu

Elk Ridge

  • Ty H. Ellis

  • Melanie Hoover


  • Bradley Gurney


  • Martin Larson


  • Lindsay Farnsworth
  • Craig Campbell
  • Steve Staheli


  • Rod Mann
  • Wayne Knoll Tanaka
  • Sam Orton
  • Cal Miller
  • Jessie J. Schoenfeld


  • Cody Black
  • Jimmy Eaton
  • R. Curtis Payne
  • Mark I. Johnson
  • Nolan J. Johnson
  • Bert Wilson


  • Jeff Acerson


  • Dallas Hakes
  • Dennis Tolley
  • Brian Wall


  • Richard F. Brunst, Jr.
  • Hans V. Andersen
  • Jack R. Christianson
  • Archie A. Williams III

Pleasant Grove

  • Cyd LeMone
  • Guy Fugal


  • Mike Hardy
  • Richard D. Moore
  • Bill Wright


  • Michelle Kaufusi
  • Kevin Wing
  • Eric Speckhard
  • Sherrie Hall Everett
  • Howard Stone
  • John Fenley
  • Larry Walters
  • Elliott G Craig
  • Odell Miner
  • Stephen Cope


  • Soren K. Christensen
  • Kurt L. Christensen
  • Joshua Wilford Thayer


  • Kirk Hunsaker
  • Dennis Howard

Saratoga Springs

  • Craig W. Parry
  • Jim Miller

Spanish Fork

  • Chad Argyle
  • Steve Leifson


  • Richard (Rick) Child
  • Craig Conover


  • Shawn Scott Herring
  • Julie Fullmer
  • Randy Farnworth

Woodland Hills

  • Wendy Pray

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