John Curtis delivered 15,525 total signatures — more than double the amount of signatures needed — to the Utah State Capitol Monday morning to secure a spot on the GOP congressional primary ballot.

“Every professional I spoke with two and a half weeks ago said it couldn’t be done,” Curtis said in a press release. “They said we would need to get hundreds of people willing to gather. I’m here today to share with you — we not only did it but we have over 7,000 collected by people like me and you — unpaid and uncompensated.”

Curtis is one of 14 Republicans and 20 total candidates vying to replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, in the special election being held for the 3rd Congressional District. One other candidate, Tanner Ainge from Alpine, Utah, has submitted names for verification.

In order to be included on the primary ballot in Utah, a candidate either needs to collect a certain amount of signatures, 7,000 in this case, or by being chosen by delegates at the party convention.

Curtis only had two and a half weeks to collect the signatures, which he did with the help of 200 volunteers and a professional company. One volunteer, Mark Robie, collected more than 600 signatures by going around his neighborhood and to businesses.

“Half of the signatures collected were done completely by volunteers who put their lives on hold for two weeks going to rodeos in Spanish Fork, parades in Springville and Orem, farmer’s markets in Provo, festivals, family reunions, and busy street corners,” Curtis said in a press release. “They went door-to-door visiting with neighbors and partnering with some of our good businesses like Sodalicious and Vasa Gyms who allowed us on their properties.” 

On June 30, the final primary election ballots will be issued to Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. The primary election will be held on Aug. 15. The special election will be held on November 7 in conjunction with municipal elections.

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