SCERA helps local couple get engaged on the big screen


Nate Noble planned an elaborate proposal for his now fiancee Sarah Bradshaw at the SCERA Theatre in Orem, Utah. (Photo courtesy of Nate Noble)

Nate Noble had theatrical-sized plans when it came to proposing to his now fiancée Sarah Bradshaw.

Under the guise of filming a music video, Noble invited Bradshaw to the SCERA in Orem, Utah to help him with his newest music video. Little did she know, the “project” would become a moment she would never forget.

After Noble first came up with the concept for his proposal, he needed to find a theater that would allow him execute it. He contacted corporate theaters, but the red tape and limitations became complicated. Luckily, the SCERA was willing to house his plan at its XanGo Grand Theatre. With the theater on board, Noble knew he had to have a carefully detailed plan to ensure the proposal stayed a surprise.

“Given that the (SCERA) was a local novelty theater we had never been to, I knew I’d have to come up with an elaborate plan to keep her from suspecting,” Noble said.

Noble decided to record a cover of “Come What May” from “Moulin Rouge” at Noisebox Studios in Provo, Utah. After recording, he needed to film the music video, which he did with his friend Sean Reay. Noble was sneaky when it came to creating the video, but it was still a difficult task keeping the secret from Bradshaw.

“The hardest parts were the times when I was free to work on (the music video) with others, which often overlapped with when Sarah was off work, so I had to come up with several well-crafted alibis,” Noble said.

“As fun as the proposal was, and as fun as it is that other people are still enjoying it, the best part for me is just knowing that it made her happy.” — Nate Noble

With singing and songwriting as a hobby, Noble knew Bradshaw wouldn’t be too suspicious when he invited her to help him with a music video. To keep up the charade, Noble had spent a few weeks prior to the filming session discussing the music video ideas with her and explaining why it had to have a movie theater scene in it. Bradshaw showed up to the SCERA on June 15 expecting to be a part of Noble’s music video — which she was, but on a bigger scale than she could have guessed.

The whole proposal worked out perfectly, but the best part wasn’t the proposal itself. Noble says Bradshaw’s reaction and happiness was worth all the time and effort he put in.

“It felt amazing when it all came together,” Noble said. “As fun as the proposal was, and as fun as it is that other people are still enjoying it, the best part for me is just knowing that it made her happy.”

The newly-engaged couple will be getting married sometime during the first week of September this year. Both Noble and Bradshaw are graduated — Noble from BYU and Bradshaw from BYU-Idaho — and working. After they get married in September, they will be moving to Cambridge, England, where Bradshaw will be starting an MFA program in Children’s Book Illustration. Noble will also be working as a director of a group home for foster children.

Watch the elaborate proposal below.


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