12 Utah Valley Parade of Homes features you secretly wish you had in your home


It’s the little things — and sometimes the large things — in life that matter. And the Utah Valley Parade of Homes has both of those requirements.

The 2017 Utah Valley Parade of Homes opened on June 8 and is closing in on its final weekend, officially ending on June 24. It isn’t too late to see these homes in person, so the Bennett Communications staff picked a few highlights for home decorating inspiration.

While everyone can’t afford multi-million dollar homes, these Utah Valley homes have us saying a little prayer that maybe we can have a few of these features in our own homes. Here are 12 home features you may secretly wish you had in your home:

World Map Wall

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

Be at home but imagine where in the world you’ll go next. This wall-sized map is larger than life. Learn more about Home #10 (built by Magleby Construction) here.

Floor to ceiling bunk beds

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

It’s time for a slumber party with the entire family. Magleby Construction’s home has two rooms with floor to ceiling bunk beds and each room fits eight. Learn more about Home #10  here.

Craft Room

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

Get lost in a project at Davies Design Build’s home. And if you don’t have time to finish, you can use the sliding doors to shut out the mess until you can return and finish your project. Learn more about Home #13  here.

Giant Chalkboard

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

Make a list and check it twice on the kitchen door. This giant chalkboard will give you chalkboard envy. Learn more about Home #9 (built by Millhaven Homes) here.


Endless outdoor exits

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

With multiple paths to the outdoor fire pit, the only question is, which path will you take to the bonfire? Learn more about Home #7 (built by R.C. Dent) here.

Giant Scrabble

(Photo by Lindsey Williams/UV360)

Family game night just went to a whole new level with this gigantic Scrabble board. We just want to know, does it count as more points if the letters are larger? Learn more about Home #24 (built by Ivory Homes) here.

A 63-foot waterslide

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

Those summer nights would cool off just right with this 63-foot waterslide. Learn more about Home #30 (built by Concept Builders) here.

Costco pantry that leads to garage

(Photo by Lindsey Williams/UV360)

It’s a secret passage, but not for humans — it’s for your groceries. Instead of hauling boxes of food from Costco, this Costco door let’s you slide your purchase right into the room you will be storing them. Learn more about Home #28 (built by Raykon Construction) here.

An indoor slide

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

Try this easy mode of transportation. The children’s indoor slide starts in the living room — when you open doors that look like cupboards by the grand piano — and leads to the basement. Learn more about Home #5 (built by Brinkerhoff Custom Construction) here.

A Disney-themed basement

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

Disney lovers rejoice! Chateau Blanc (translated as white castle) is living up to its name with a Snow White-themed home. Quotes, signs and references line the walls and lace the furnishings in the home. Just look at the seven dwarves humble abode below that looks like it is straight from the Disney animated picture.

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

With the seven dwarves cottage taking up residence, this house works as a double feature with the adorable tiny playhouse in the basement. Learn more about Home #5 (built by Brinkerhoff Custom Construction) here.

Gift wrapping station

For those moments when you need to wrap a present or two, this station keeps the wrapping business clean and accessible. Learn more about Home #4 (built by Arive Homes) here.

Windows as walls

(Photo by Heather Telford Photography)

Take in the view from the floor to the ceiling and out over the horizon. This home by Ezra Lee Design + Build gives visitors a well-lite view of the entire house. Learn more about Home #11 here.

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