The razor sharp Man Barber specializes in razor shaves


Reise Malachowski owns The Man Barber in downtown Provo. Clients are pampered for one full hour.

When Reise Malachowski was in high school, he cut his friends’ hair and became a licensed barber at MATC. Now he owns and operates The Man Barber, a traditional barbershop in downtown Provo, where he cuts hair five days a week.

An appointment at The Man Barber begins with a man-to-barber consultation about the client’s hair goals. Then they spin the chair and beginning snipping.

“The barber’s preference is away from the mirror so the client doesn’t have to worry about what’s going on. And they can also interact with the other clients,” Reise says. “It’s a community setting.”

Throughout the appointment, Reise and his barbers check with the client to ensure the client is content with the cut.

“That’s the ultimate goal here, to make sure clients are 100 percent confident with their haircut.” — Reise Malachowski, owner of The Man Barber

“That’s the ultimate goal here, to make sure clients are 100 percent confident with their haircut,” Reise says.

Reise’s shop is a fulfillment of his childhood dream and an expression of his personal style. “All the vintage styles have inspired me to provide an authentic experience — something that’s timeless.”

Reise’s barber chairs are from 1905, 1920, 1930 and 1940.

The Man Barber specializes in — you guessed it — men’s cuts. “Men who normally wouldn’t go to a high-end hair place feel comfortable here because it’s specifically designed for them,” Reise says.

But the name doesn’t limit the clientele. Reise says women come in looking for “shorter, tapered haircuts” or a 1920s flapper style. “That’s a barber haircut on a woman, not a man’s haircut on a woman,” Reise says.

The Man Barber is located at 16 W. Center Street in Provo upstairs from Unhinged. Appointments are one hour and should be scheduled about two weeks in advance.


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