Taking to the downtown Provo skyline and Provo Beach Resort, the Gardiner Sisters filmed the music video for an original song, “I Just Want You.”

The Gardiner Sisters consists of Hailey, Mandi and Allie Gardiner. The oldest sister, Hailey wrote “I Just Want You.” The rest of the Gardiner Sisters, including younger sisters Lindsay and Abby, helped write, arrange and produce the song.

These singing sisters released a behind the scenes video on YouTube about the production of the song.

“Collectively, it’s really fun to write together because we can approach the song in a different way,” Mandi said in the video. “We can make it a collaborative sound. So we tried to do that with ‘I Just Want You.'”

While writing, Hailey wanted to create a lighthearted love song with an acoustic sound and a “funk vibe.”

“There’s no heartbreak in this song. There is no devastation, just straight fun,” Hailey said.

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