18 signs you attended EFY at BYU


EFY was the best week of your life. You made best friends, strengthened your testimony and made memories to last a lifetime. And it’s most likely that you also experienced these 18 things if you attended the Especially For Youth program hosted at Brigham Young University in Provo.

You still have your bracelet on.

Titanic - Never let go

Even though EFY ended three weeks ago.

And you might even still have a tan line from your bracelet.

You have 24 new best friends.

One week together and you are friends forever.

You’re 14 and you already know who your BYU roommates will be.

Minions hug

You know what a C.O.W. is.

Johnny Lingo - how many cows

For all of you non-EFY goers, C.O.W. stands for “crush of the week.”

Your journal writing and scripture study is bar none.

Harry Potter diary

You know at least one new line dance.

Lindsey Stirling - dance

You probably spent pizza night calling the boys.

You probably heard “Waterfall” in the Talent Show.

Boy meets world - make it stop

You know your group REALLY won the cheer-off.

You’re still praying your counselors will get married.

They are perfect for each other.

You cried during the EFY Medley.

They do it every year and you knew it was coming, but that combination of “Armies of Helaman” and “Sisters in Zion” gets you every time.

You’re still sleep deprived.

Peter Pan - Sleep

Pillow talk for hours.

You know how to disguise lights out.

Kronk theme song

Who’s afraid of the dark? Not us.

You miss having BYU Creamery ice cream or Jamba Juice every day for free time.

Full House- Ice cream

You answered all the awkward dancing questions.

She's the Man- Do you like cheese?

So, what color is your toothbrush?

You don’t miss the sweaty arms from escorting.

Airplane- Buckets of sweat

And you already can’t wait to attend EFY next year.

Rebecca Lane

While her first language is sarcasm, Rebecca dabbles in English and Russian to achieve her lifelong dream of being a journalist. A BYU sports fan, reading enthusiast and wannabe world traveler, Rebecca is a Colorado transplant that is convinced Colorado's mountains are much larger than the many Utah County peaks. Rebecca manages UtahValley360.com for Bennett Communications. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccalane.

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