50 reasons to be excited for the BYU football season


BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum speaks to the press on BYU Media Day. (Photo by BYU Photo)

By UtahValley360 Staff

With the first BYU football game scheduled for 50 days from today, the UtahValley360 staff is sharing 50 reasons we’re excited for the upcoming football season.

  1. Quarterback Tanner Mangum in the driver’s seat. At this time last year, we didn’t know if Tanner or Taysom Hill would lead the Cougars on the field. Now after a year of Taysom’s tutelage and an offseason to grow into the role, Mangum is back at the helm and ready to throw.
  2. Return of the Holy War to Provo. The last time BYU won against Utah was when Gordon Hayward wasn’t playing for the Utah Jazz. Hopefully Hayward’s exodus signals the return of a win for the blue.
  3. Eating a Cougar Tail (or two) at the stadium.
  4. Year two of the coaching staff. They’ve had a year to work together, grow together and play together. Unlike being thrown into the middle of the recruitment season, they were able to set their own schedule this year and now they’re ready to win together.
  5. Watching the coaches tease Ty Detmer, BYU offensive coordinator.
  6. LaVell Edwards patch. All the uniforms will pay tribute to the late BYU Football coach.

  7. BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe announced the fans can join in celebrating LaVell’s legacy.

  8. Fall weather against the beautiful mountain backdrop of the stadium.
  9. Rising and shouting the BYU fight song. Goooooo Cougars!
  10. Tailgating. Bring on the burgers.
  11. BYU True Blue Fridays. Always reppin’ (especially on Friday).
  12. Watching BYU alumni play in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers certainly gained some fans with BYU’s Jamaal Williams and Taysom Hill.
  13. Getting out of Sunday talks after losing your voice at Saturday night’s game.
  14. Cosmo’s dances and sidelines. It’s no wonder a KSL poll found Cosmo was the state’s favorite mascot. Cosmo won 41 percent of the votes. Rivals Big Blue (Utah State) and Swoop (Utah) came in at 29 and 21 percent, respectively.
  15. Another new Cosmo record?
  16. Wave at the stadium. “If everybody had an ocean…”
  17. Punter Jonny Linehan’s tweets.
  18. Scratch that. We enjoy his tweets during the season and during the off-season.

  19. While we’re on the Linehan topic, will he continue his tradition of photobombing Coach Kalani Sitake’s interviews? We hope so.
  20. Will musician Linehan return? His “Puntin’, Kickin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” was a huge hit and he’s told BYU Sports Nation a new music video is in the works.
  21. While we’re on the topic of players, we’re excited to watch Corbin Kaufusi focus on football instead of playing the field and the court.
  22. Linebaker Butch Pau’u’s tackles. Last season he had 83 tackles in just 10 games.
  23. Mo Langi, the 410 pounds of defensive line talent.
  24. Running back Squally Canada filling Jamaal Williams’ shoes.
  25. Warner brothers. Who doesn’t enjoy watching Fred and Troy?
  26. The retirement of jersey No. 6. At the Wisconsin Game on Sept. 16, BYU will retire jersey No. 6 in honor of quarterbacks Marc Wilson and Robbie Bosco and running back Luke Staley.
  27. Fake punts on 4th and 19. (Or maybe just the jokes associated with it.)
  28. Boise State rematch. Remember how BYU lost by one point last year to the No. 14 team? It’s time to make up for that.
  29. BYU ESPN contract extension. Through 2019 baby.
  30. BYU50 box drops. Refresh those Twitter feeds.
  31. BYU fans uniting on social media to take on the haters. #MormonMafia
  32. Enjoying a season without expansion talk.
  33. Games that don’t start as late. A 8:15 Mountain Time start time is as late as it gets.
  34. “After Further Review” following the game. Set the DVR now.
  35. Greg Wrubell, the “Voice of the Cougars” for two decades, on the radio.
  36. Marc Lyons saying before every game, “Greg, my boy, it’s a great day for a football game.”
  37. Watching BYU replay on BYUtv. Especially if Tanner Mangum brings the Hail Marys.
  38. Cougarettes next viral video. We’re still watching last year’s on repeat.
  39. Better cell service at games. AT&T and T-Mobile will follow Verizon’s lead and install Distributed Antenna Systems. More service = happy fans.
  40. Wi-Fi to come. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, BYU officials are close to providing Wi-Fi to the entire stadium. Snapchat users rejoice.
  41. Opening the season against LSU at an NFL stadium.
  42. The optimistic start of the season.
  43. Retaining the Wagon Wheel. BYU leads the series against Utah State, 48-35-3.
  44. Seeing young BYU fans cheering. (You can never start them too young.)
  45. The Star Wars Imperial Storm Trooper arm movements in the student section as the marching band plays the Darth Vader theme song.
  46. The passing down of the giant BYU flag through the student section.
  47. Finally catching a free T-shirt when the cheerleaders throw them into the crowd.
  48. Pouring over stats on Sunday mornings.
  49. Cling-wrapping campus symbols during the week of the Utah game.
  50. And, of course, just watching some good football.

Why are you excited for BYU football? Tell us in the comments.



  1. AvatarDan Reply

    Please stop using “Holy War”, which connotes all that is bad in the rivalry. We’re athletic rivals, not enemies. We’re brothers and sisters, not combatants. It’s only a silly game that we love, not a war.

  2. AvatarEd Reply

    Why is it that these video’s and presentation’s can’t be done with music other than rap or hip hop? Has anyone ever heard of rock music? So many of these dances would go very well with rock music. We’ve had to listen to this ignorant and inane rap for more than a decade. It’s time to put away the Rap and the feminine Hip-Hop. Lets hear some great rock music to these dances! My daughters only listen to alternative rock. Any rock is better then this tired worn out rap and hip hop. It’s done!

    1. AvatarJack Reply

      Yes, it’s time for some really great jazz music…makes for great choreographed dancing! I’m sick of the RAP “music”…give me a break! Kick it out of LES!!!

      1. AvatarMichael Reply

        Ed and Jack,

        First of all the cougarettes do dance to jazz and rock at halftime shows. I’ve been a student at byu for 8 years and i’ve seen plenty of them. They compete in different genres and practice there dances at the sporting events. One of the genres is hip hop. And I understand that you don’t like them, but hip hop(and rock I’ll admit) gets people more pumped up for a game then jazz music. It’s about the game experience and I byu has gotten better since my freshman year when the band played nothing but stuff from the 60’s.

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