Aaron Fielding and Dalton Johnson bring the write skills to ‘Studio C’


Aaron Fielding (left) of Charlestown, Indiana jokes that he has a category built into his budget solely for Costa Vida. Dalton Johnson (center) of Sparks, Nevada has published cartoons in the New Era. The two best buds are the new male featured faces of “Studio C” along with Tori Pence. (Photo by Justin Hackworth Photography)

When Studio C’s Matt Meese called Aaron Fielding, he assumed it was a pocket dial. After all, he knew his name would be in Matt’s phone directory since he rented from him earlier that year and his double-A name lands him at the top of most contact lists.  So he let it go to voicemail.

Aaron then picked up his friend Dalton Johnson for their previously arranged lunch plans. Aaron joked with Dalton by saying Matt had just called him, “no big deal.”

Dalton’s response shocked Aaron.

Dalton Johnson (left) on the set with James Perry and Stacey Harkey. (Photo by Justin Hackworth Photography)

“Really? I was going to ask if he called you because he called me too,” Dalton said.

Normally Dalton doesn’t go along with Aaron’s constant jokes, especially because his jokes can go on for ten minutes. So Aaron checked his voicemail. In an ever-conspicuous way, Matt had asked Aaron to call him to discuss an “opportunity.”

The opportunity for both Dalton and Aaron turned out to be roles on “Studio C” as new featured cast members.

Dalton and Aaron first became friends as pupils of Matt’s sketch writing class. During that time, Aaron wrote the “Game of Life IRL” sketch which “Studio C” performed during Season 7. It now has garnered over 1.9 million views.

But not all of Aaron’s writings have done as well in real life. As members of Divine Comedy, Aaron and Dalton once performed a sketch called “Clickbait.”

“One of my favorite moments on stage was going through a sketch with nobody laughing,” Aaron said.

“I think that was the refiner’s fire for our friendship,” Dalton said.

The opportunity to pursue their love of comedy together thrills these best friends, especially because the two feel like the rest of the “Studio C” cast has gladly welcomed them to the family.

“[Aaron] was one of Matt’s best students and produced sketch after sketch — just solid stuff,” cast member Jason Gray said in his vlog. “… Dalton is another seriously talented writer. He’s already written three or four sketches for Season 8.”

The two still have a year left at BYU and will be double dipping in comedy this next year, maintaining their roles in Divine Comedy while joining “Studio C” as featured cast members.

One advantage this provides is giving Aaron and Dalton the opportunity to perform their sketches for a live audience.

And for those who love the cast of “Studio C,” rest assured because no one is leaving for Season 8; the new cast is just adding more talent and new ideas.

Aaron Fielding, Mallory Everton and Stacey Harkey on the “Studio C” set. (Photo by Justin Hackworth Photography)

“We’re not overtaking cast roles because they are the ones who have brought it to this great place,” Dalton says.

So what can fans look forward to in Season 8 in addition to these new funny faces? Both Dalton and Aaron say the increased production value will wow viewers.

“If you look at the Scott Sterling, it looked like a real soccer game and everything looked pretty real,” Dalton says. “It makes a huge a difference.”

Catch up with these comedians when Season 8 of “Studio C” airs on BYUtv this fall.

Meet Tori Pence here.


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