The two new buildings at the Provo Missionary Training Center are primarily used for classroom space. (Image courtesy LDS Church)

Tickets are now available for tours of the newly expanded Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah between July 31 and Aug. 19.

The tours last approximately one hour, including a walking tour and a short video. All ages are invited to attend.

The Provo MTC expansion includes two six-story buildings. Those buildings have 204 classrooms, 106 practice teaching rooms, 13 computer labs and 27 areas to serve as quiet spaces for pondering. There are no dormitories in the new buildings. On the 4.5 acres south of the existing MTC will be covered with more than 93,000 square feet of lawn, 276 shade trees, 57 flowering trees, 74 evergreen trees and nearly 160,000 square feet of flower beds.

With the completion of the new building, the Provo MTC will be able to accommodate 3,700 elders and sisters, up from 2,800.

When President Thomas S. Monson announced that men can serve at age 18 instead of 19, and women can serve at age 19 instead of 21 in October 2012, the MTC saw an influx of missionaries. The church ended up using BYU student housing to accommodate the large number of missionaries.

Of the 15 MTCs throughout the world, there four undergoing expansion projects: Provo, Mexico, Ghana and the Philippines.

MTCs are used to train LDS missionaries at the beginning of their missions. Missionaries, who come from around the world and serve around the world, learn how to teach lessons on the doctrine of the church.

In the April 2017 statistical report for the LDS Church, the church reported 70,946 full-time missionaries serving in 2016.

The LDS Church will also hold tours during BYU Education Week, which runs Aug. 21–25, for participants at the annual event.

To reserve tickets, follow this link.

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