Lindsey Stirling is kicking off Monday morning the right way with a new video featuring Kurt Hugo Schneider.

In the video, Stirling shows off her mad violin and dancing skills to the song “It Ain’t Me” by pop star Selena Gomez and DJ/songwriter Kygo.

Schneider, an American video editor, producer, musician, singer and songwriter,  is known for his YouTube videos and produces music videos for YouTube musicians.

“Kurt Schneider is amazing and I love any chance I get to work with him,” Stirling said in the video.

Stirling, the classically trained musician, dancer and artist, had her self-titled debut in 2012. She rose in popularity because of her violin-driven electronic music.

In August, Stirling will travel to Columbia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico on tour. She will be performing her “Brave Enough” album, which is her third full-length album.

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