Sundance Law Group seeks to prevent further tragedy when a family member dies


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Planning for death or disability is a difficult subject to think about. However, neglecting to plan can lead to unintended and sometimes disastrous results for loved ones.

Marianne Ludlow founded Sundance Law Group — a law firm focused on estate and business planning. Her mission is to help people in Utah County secure and protect their families and businesses.

“Estate Planning isn’t just for the rich — it is for anyone who has something to lose,” Marianne says. “I’ve seen bad planning result in serious family conflict.  Not planning also leaves the government (not you) making important decisions. My goal is to help each person protect themselves, their family and their business with careful legal planning.”

In addition to the legal documents, Marianne focuses on education and ongoing support.

“Many attorneys simply provide a will or trust and that’s it,” she says. “However, if additional steps aren’t taken or plans aren’t updated, then the outcome may be far different from what the person intends.”

Marianne Ludlow founded Sundance Law Group — a law firm focused on estate and business planning.

Marianne learned this lesson when her grandmother died. Even though her grandmother had a will and trust in place, the attorney had not helped her organize and transfer her assets into the trust. Marianne and her dad spent many late nights locating disorganized assets, navigating probate and paying tax bills and fees that could have been entirely avoided.

To prevent this from happening to others, Marianne serves as an ongoing trusted advisor, scheduling follow-up meetings and providing continued support to meet client needs.

Marianne has also pioneered a comprehensive approach to legal planning for Utah families called KidsSecure™ Planning, which ensures that parents’ values and instructions are provided to potential guardians.

“Not only is it vital for parents of minor children to legally document who will care for their kids and manage insurance and other assets for them, it is also important for parents to convey the instructions, values and priorities regarding such care. I help families do that.”

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About Sundance Law Group 

Sundance Law is an estate planning and business law firm committed to tailoring a legal plan that reflects a client’s values and priorities, and that secures their future, family and business. Legal plans may include wills, trusts (including both revocable, irrevocable and special needs), powers of attorney, medical directives, permanent and temporary guardianship documents, tax planning, and business buy-sell and operating agreements. Sundance Law is located in Lehi near Thanksgiving Point.


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