Utah-Tube: Dahlia Row flips Sinatra classic to fit ‘La La Land’ style


A childhood memory and modern-day hit film collided as Dahlia Row released its newest song, Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” with a “La La Land” twist.

The Payson-based acoustic trio made up of Becky Foster, Lynda Breese and Chris Meek is focusing this year’s album on songs from their childhood.

“Our 2017 album is focusing on songs that we grew up to, and this song is one that not only influenced us as our parents listened to it but through movies that it has been featured in as well,” Meek said in an email.

“La La Land” set the record for the most Golden Globes won in a single show this year, and it’s still winning now that Dahlia Row paired it with a Sinatra classic.

“We couldn’t help but wonder how Sinatra’s classic might sound if it was arranged for the production.” — Chris Meek, Dahlia Row

…”We couldn’t help but wonder how Sinatra’s classic might sound if it was arranged for the production,” Meek said in an email. “We went to work studying La La Land’s Oscar winning writers Pasek and Paul’s score and giving it a Jazz flare. In the filming of the video, we carefully selected wardrobe, color palette and how to color grade the video also referencing the film.”

Although the song is elegant and the video is soothing, production wasn’t that flawless. The trio was hit by a big storm while filming out in the back country roads of Kaysville, Utah.

…”We were hit by a torrential wind and rainstorm. We film and produce our own videos,” Meek said in an email. “As the rain started to fall we quickly had to take down the lights and wait two hours for it to pass. By that time it was 1 a.m. We quickly jumped out of our cars, sloshed through the mud and reset.  All in all, this production is one that will be chalked up as a journal moment.”

The trio’s music generally features vocals, violin and piano. “Fly Me to the Moon” is Dahila Row’s fourth track on their 2017 album.



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    Thank you for the very thoughtful writeup and providing a venue for local musicians to share music with the community. We sincerely appreciate the outlet and voice you provide.

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