Lindon Days celebration ‘Dares to Dream’ with boat races, fishing and a car show


The Belle of Lindonville won the best “Titanic Award” for the most dramatic sinking boat in 2015. (Photo by Rebecca Lane/UV360)

Lindon residents are daring to dream at this year’s Lindon Day celebration held Aug. 7–12.

The theme for this year’s weeklong celebration is “Dare to Dream.” Heath Bateman, Lindon City Parks and Recreation director, said the city has some pretty exciting events coming up, including an epic car show and a classic fishing event.

“On Monday there will be arguably one of the biggest car shows in the state of Utah,” Bateman said. “Wednesday is our Huck Finn fishing event. We put trout in the water and kids come all dressed up. We have prizes for the ‘Biggest Fish’ or ‘Fastest Fish Caught.'”

The Huck Finn fishing event is one thing that makes Lindon Days unique. Bateman said Lindon Days features a mix of both current and traditional events that have been around for years.

“We see mothers and fathers bringing their kids down to the Huck Finn fishing event and it’s great because those same mothers and fathers used to be kids doing the same thing years ago.” — Heath Bateman, Lindon City Parks and Recreation director

“We see mothers and fathers bringing their kids down to the Huck Finn fishing event,” Bateman said, “and it’s great because those same mothers and fathers used to be kids doing the same thing years ago.”

One of the most popular events during Lindon Days will be the 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta at the Lindon Aquatics Center.

“Rules are simple: just use Duct tape and cardboard to make a boat that won’t sink. It’s incredible to see kids make these boats that don’t sink,” Bateman said. “It’s a hoot! We give out awards for ‘Best Sinking Boat’ and ‘Best Boat Name,’ so it isn’t all about winning.”

In addition to the boat race, there will be free admission to the pool with the magazine coupon, a dime dive where hundreds of dollars in dimes will be thrown into the pool and a duck race in the lazy river where the first 20 to cross the finish line will win.

The grand marshals at this year’s celebration are Scott and Brenda Cullimore. Scott, a Utah County Justice Court judge, was born and raised in Lindon and even had pioneer heritage that helped settle String Town, now known as Lindon. Brenda met Scott at BYU and is now proud to call Lindon her home.

Bateman said he is excited for Lindon Days because of the community involvement and the chance to celebrate great people, just like Scott and Brenda.

“Lindon Days is a great way to bring our community together, and it’s a great chance to share good times with family and friends,” Bateman said. “Lindon might not be a big city, but there are awesome people in this community.

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Schedule of Events

Monday, Aug. 7 

  • 4-9 p.m. – Car Show,  City Center Park

Tuesday, Aug. 8 

  • 7 p.m. – Pioneer Park
  • Ice Cream Social – After the Night Out Against Crime Presentation
  • Dusk – Movie in the Park, Pioneer Park

Wednesday, Aug. 9

  • 6: 30 p.m. – Huck Finn Fishing, Creekside Park

Thursday, Aug. 10

  • 7 a.m. – 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatt, Lindon Aquatics Center
  • 2:30–6 p.m. – Free Swim Day, Lindon Aquatics Center
  • 3 p.m. – Lazy River Duck Race, Lindon Aquatics Center
  • 3: 30 p.m. – AmBank Dime Dive, Lindon Aquatics Center
  • 6 p.m. – Flag Retirement Ceremony, City Center Park
  • 7 p.m. – Open Horse Show, Lindon Horse Arena

Friday, Aug. 11

  • 9 a.m . – Video Game Tournament, Lindon Community Center
  • 6:30 p.m. – Junior Rodeo, Lindon Arena

Saturday, Aug. 12

  • 7 a.m. – Dream Like a Hero 5K Fun Run, Lindon Community Center
  • 7:30-9:30 a.m. – Mayor’s Breakfast, Lindon Community Center
  • 10 a.m. – Grand Parade, Center Street
  • 3-7 p.m. – Family Fair and Food Trucks, Pheasant Brook Park
  • 7 p.m. – Concert and Fireworks, Pheasant Brook Park

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