Angels lighting the valley: 5 Utah Valley do-gooders that share their light


The world might be getting darker, but that just makes these angels stand out even more.

Meet the women who create tiny diapers and make a huge impact, the parents who established a network for families with special needs, the couple finding light amidst the darkness of mental illness, the instructor adding confidence through self-defense and the foodie who lights up the Festival of Trees with movie-themed gingerbread houses.

These five stories will help you let the light in.





Utah Valley is Lindsey's home away from her Colorado Springs home. She writes for Utah Valley Magazine, and Prosper Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @lindsey5brooke.

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  1. AvatarCharlotte Moore Reply

    I would like to make another special organization known to you. Intermountain Healing Hearts was started by my daughter and a few other “heart” moms who had babies that were born with congenital heart defects. Her name is Christina Moore Davis and she has lived in American Fork for over 10 years. Her 3rd child, a son, was born with a life threatening heart defect that required him to be air lifted to Primary children’s and have surgery before he was a week old. He survived…some babies don’t. Christina and a few of the other moms she met while attending to her son at the hospital noticed there was no support to help the parents who had to leave home for weeks to be with their babies and they decided, with the support of the hospital, to organize some help for those parents. Christina was the first president of the board of the newly formed organization. They sponsor a “run” each year to raise money and awareness for CHD (congenital heart defects) . They minister to the families of the children and each year remember the little angels who have passed on.

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