Donny Osmond is beyond puppy love after posting a picture of him holding his newest grandson, Peder Clark Osmond, on Tuesday. On Friday, Osmond tweeted to announce the arrival of his newest grandchild.

Earlier this year, Osmond told ITV that he had two grandchildren on the way, which his children announced over the Christmas holiday. The singer has five sons — who all graduated from Timpview High School — with his wife Debbie.

Donny Osmond was on the cover of Utah Valley Magazine for the second time in May 2016. As part of the interview, he told us about his own celebrity encounters and why he stays living in Provo, Utah.

“We’ve chosen to separate Donny’s career from our family life,” said Debbie Osmond. “We didn’t want to raise our kids in Hollywood and be surrounded by the entertainment industry.”

Read Donny Osmond’s cover story here as well as take a look at the picture where we recreated Debbie and Donny’s first kiss here.

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