Utah-Tube: Jenny Oaks Baker returns to Beethoven’s roots for music video


Violinist Jenny Oaks Baker returned to Ludwig van Beethoven’s roots in her newest music video.

Filming in Vienna, Austria — where Beethoven composed his final masterpiece — Baker played Beehoven’s Ninth Symphony, “Ode to Joy,” as she rode in a horse-drawn carriage around town as well as performed in St. Peters Church.

“As I did so, it was thrilling to see the joy that the music brought to everyone there who who heard the music. For me the message of ‘Ode to Joy’ is that God is real. He has sent us to this earth to experience joy, and we can find this joy when we turn to Him, and know that we are His beloved children. This knowledge has brought me and my family much peace and joy!”

In his Ninth and final symphony, Beethoven was finally able to use Friedrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” — a poem the composer loved — in his music, according to NPR. Beethoven’s use of choral was a new idea at the time. The Ninth Symphony was performed for the first time in 1824 in Vienna.

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