GENTRI: The Gentlemen Trio released a new video called “One” about the lessons they learned in India about the power and influence of “The One.”

“It only takes one life to make a difference,” trio member Brad Robins said at the end of the “One” video.

The trio worked with Rising Star Outreach, an organization in Southern India doing work to help those suffering from leprosy.

Leprosy is a large and growing problem in India, but organization’s like Rising Star Outreach are putting a dent in those numbers by aiding those who are affected with the disease. GENTRI uses its new video to raise awareness for the cause and give viewers a chance to help support the organization.

GENTRI spent time at the Rising Star campus where they were able to perform for the students and work with them on creating this video. They also had the chance to wash the feet of the people affected by leprosy. The video features shots of the people in Mumbai, India where GENTRI volunteered and created the video.

The big message behind the trio’s new video is about the affect that one person can have on the world. They stress the importance of being the one who gets out and tries to make a difference.

“Whether it’s volunteering with a global charity or making a difference in the life of someone next door, we challenge you to #BeTheOne wherever you live in helping to make this world a better place one good deed at a time,” GENTRI said in the video description.


The Utah trio of tenors — which includes Robins, Casey Elliott and Bradley Quinn Lever — started in 2014. They will be joining “Pushing Daisies” star Kristin Chenoweth for two shows during BYU’s homecoming event BYU Spectacular! To read more about their upcoming event, click here.

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