Provo Mayor John Curtis has almost won the race for the 3rd Congressional District. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag)

It’s (almost) official — Provo Mayor John Curtis won the Republican nomination for the 3rd Congressional District race to replace Jason Chaffetz. Almost, because there are still tens of thousands of ballots left to count in Utah County.

Curtis’s opponent, Tanner Ainge, conceded the race around 9 p.m., after polls closed at 8 p.m. His other challenger, Chris Herrod, hasn’t conceded, though The Associated Press called the race around 10 p.m.

As of Wednesday morning, Utah County was working on counting. It send this statement to cities:

“We are still working on official numbers to be released later today, but at this point we have over 35,000 ballots yet to be counted. In addition to the unaffiliated ballots ( 7-8,000) yet to be counted, we received approximately 25,000 additional ballots from the Post Office yesterday afternoon. We also had over 3,500 ballots just dropped off at the Vote Service Centers yesterday that are yet to be counted. And of course we also have to account for the provisional ballots.

Because we still have over half the ballots to count, each of your turnout percentages will more than likely double from the unofficial results released last night.”

It’s been a confusing primary election season.
• It’s the first countywide mail-in election in Utah County, so most people didn’t vote on Primary Election Day. The county had a handful of voting locations open for people who forgot to mail in their ballots by the deadline, who didn’t get a ballot or wanted to vote in person.
• Only registered Republicans in the 3rd Congressional District could vote in that race, but some cities had primaries too. However, unaffiliated voters could become Republicans and vote at the polls.
• Utah County accidentally mailed about 68,000 ballots with the 3rd Congressional race on them to unaffiliated voters.

In addition to the special congressional election, 11 cities in Utah County held primaries for mayor and/or city council seats. So, with thousands of ballots left to count, here are the preliminary results:

Third Congressional District (1 advances)
Chris Herrod 13,674
John Curtis 18,898
Tanner Ainge 12,234

Alpine mayor (2 advance)
Sheldon Wimmer 498
Rob Schoen       117
Troy Stout 346
Melanie Ewing 155

American Fork mayor (2 advance)
Carlton E. Bowen 258
Brad Frost 1,432
Daniel Copper 69

American Fork City Council (4 advance)
Bill Houlin 52
Jeffrey Shorter 376
Kyle Barratt 449
Doug Richards 247
Ernie John 385
Barbara Christiansen 832
Staci Carroll 651
Aaron Clegg 198

Eagle Mountain City Council (4 advance)
Lonnie Petersen 117
Jan M Preece 146
Tyler Shimakonis 23
Donna Burnham 395
Jared Gray 243
Matt Visser 161
Drew Curley 134
Melissa Clark 274
Brett Mansfield 77

Eagle Mountain mayor (2 advance)
Debbie Hooge 128
Stephanie Gricius 197
Jonathan Vail 49
Taylor Malungahu 36
Tom Westmoreland 432

Highland Mayor (2 advance)
Jessie J. Schoenfeld 343
Sam Orton 93
Wayne Knoll Tanaka 77
Cal Miller 29
Rod Mann 657

Highland City Council Seat (4 advance)
Chris Dayton 102
Scott L. Smith 380
Tim Ball 176
Kevin Braddy 26
Christopher Kemp 281
Kurt Ostler 530
Lawrence U. Vidinha 14
John Hans Thomas 43
Dennis LeBaron 413
Elisabeth Luntz 179
Audrey Wright 135


Lehi mayor (2 advance)
R. Curtis Payne 285
Cody Black 595
Nolan J. Johnson 40
Mark I. Johnson 614
Bert Wilson 987

Lehi City Council (4 advance)
Paul C. Hancock 1,314
Bailey Holmes 757
Steven Sabey 421
Chris Condie 1,548
Sean Williams 460

Orem mayor (2 advance)
Richard F. Brunst Jr. 3,660
Hans V. Andersen 1,810
Archie A. Williams III 198

Orem City Council (6 advance)
Annette Harkness 1,362
David M. Spencer 2,807
Brent Sumner 3,090
Garrett Bodily 479
Melodee Andersen 1,640
Bart Richman 439
Drew Clark 750
Tom Macdonald 3,204
Kayson R. Max 167
Murray Low 1,059
Tommy Williams 400
Mattathias Westwood 359

Payson mayor (2 advance)
Mike Hardy 258
Richard D. Moore 145
Bill Wright 588

Payson City Council (4 advance)
Scott Pinkham 178
Scott Phillips 305
Taresa Hiatt 315
James Ewell 200
Larry Skinner 371
Brett Christensen 264
Randy Memmott 94
Thomas Guy Larson 116

Pleasant Grove City Council (4 advance)
Carrie Hammond 185
Roy F. Spindler 21
Ben Stanley 693
Nathan Stoker 142
Jeffrey Butler 132
Dianna N. Andersen 1,029
Blaine Thatcher 771
Eric Taylor 138
Todd Williams 858

Provo mayor (2 advance)
Sherrie Hall Everett 971
Eric W. Speckhard 374
Howard Stone 108
Michelle G. Kaufusi 1,688
John Fenley 40
Elliott G. Craig 36
Odell Miner 1,234
Kevin “The Wingman” Wing 72
Larry Walters 720

Provo Council District 2 (2 advance)
George Handley 257
David Clark 141
Leo Lines 79

Provo Council at-large (2 advance)
Hunter Phillips 775
Dave Sewell 2,635
Mike Roan 710
Wesley Marriott 814

Saratoga Springs City Council (4 advance)
Leah Hansen 337
Josh Daniels 288
Raymond B Campbell 114
Michael D.S. McOmber 391
Stephen Willden 478

Vineyard mayor (2 advance)
Shawn Scott Herring 43
Julie Fullmer 70
Randy E. Farnworth 73

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