Utah-Tube: ‘Studio C’ attempts to clear up bizarre Mormon misconceptions


“Studio C” released a new comedy sketch about the misconceptions of Mormonism, only this time the misconceptions are wild, wacky and sure to spark some laughter.

Friends from college reconnect at a mutual friend’s wedding where one friend (played by Mallory Everton) good-naturedly tries to help her Mormon friend (Whitney Call) live her religion. From avoiding technology to migrating south for the winter, this sketch touches the most bizarre and hilarious misconceptions.

Cast members from “Studio C” drew on their own life experiences for the sketch as every member from “Studio C” is LDS. Face to Face, the worldwide broadcasted event by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, featured the LDS “Studio C” cast in October last year. Youth from all over the world asked the cast questions, and “Studio C” got real about the LDS faith outside of their comedic show.

2017 has been a big year for “Studio C.” The clean comedy sketch group recently celebrated reaching one billion views, which they announced on Facebook in July. They also added new featured cast members Aaron Fielding and Dalton Johnson, as well as the lady of laughs Tori Pence.

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  1. AvatarBarbara Stephan Reply

    I have watched Studio C and enjoy it quite a bit. This sketch about misconceptions about Mormons is funny but deceptive. Yes the idea that Mormons are similar to Amish, JW’s is amusing but you don’t address the headier issues about your real beliefs about God and Jesus and salvation- which do not have ANY honest resemblance to a Bible believing mainstream Christian church. As the ending of this skit implies.

    You try to make yourselves look like a mainstream Christian church when you know you are not. The JW’s try to pull that too.

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