The fourth round of Utah County election results are in, but the official results won’t be in until Aug. 29. (Photo by UV360)

The fourth round update for the Utah County primary elections moved the needle in close races across the valley. But the election tally is still not official, according to Utah County Clerk/Auditor Bryan Thompson.

Official results won’t be available until Aug. 29. At that time, the Board of Canvassers will meet at 3 p.m. to review primary election results.

“In a normal election, you are pretty much done at the end of the day on election day,” Thompson said. “In a mail-in environment, you get so much that come in last minute that you don’t know the results on election day.”

In Provo, the nine-way race for mayor had Sherrie Hall Everett held her spot in second place (2,674 votes) ahead of Odell Miner (2,548 votes), which was separated by only 18 votes after Tuesday’s update. Michelle Kaufusi leads the group — which advances two to November’s election — with 3,889 votes.

Now a closer election in Provo is for the Provo Council at-large bid. While current councilman Dave Sewell is clearly in first place with 6,099 votes, Wesley Marriott barely holds onto second place — which only two advance — with 2,099 votes ahead of Hunter Phillips 2,085 votes.

In the 3rd Congressional District primary, Provo Mayor John Curtis has already secured the nomination as the Republican party representative. The two other Republican hopefuls — Chris Herrod and Tanner Ainge — conceded last week. Curtis will go against Democrat Kathie Allen in November’s election.

View the updated primary election results as they currently stand for all Utah County cities here.

Third Congressional District (1 advances)
Chris Herrod 22,157
John Curtis 29,733
Tanner Ainge 16,831

Alpine mayor (2 advance)
Sheldon Wimmer 1,021
Rob Schoen 277
Troy Stout 876
Melanie Ewing 374

American Fork mayor (2 advance)
Carlton E. Bowen 590
Brad Frost 3,412
Daniel Copper 173

American Fork City Council (4 advance)
Bill Houlin (withdrew)
Jeffrey Shorter 933
Kyle Barratt 978
Doug Richards 555
Ernie John 907
Barbara Christiansen 2,031
Staci Carroll 1,608
Aaron Clegg 469

Eagle Mountain mayor (2 advance)
Debbie Hooge 340
Stephanie Gricius 547
Jonathan Vail 131
Taylor Malungahu 80
Tom Westmoreland 1,174

Eagle Mountain City Council (4 advance)
Lonnie Petersen 309
Jan M Preece 417
Tyler Shimakonis (withdrew)
Donna Burnham 1,065
Jared Gray 596
Matt Visser 438
Drew Curley 381
Melissa Clark 816
Brett Mansfield (disqualified)

Highland Mayor (2 advance)
Jessie J. Schoenfeld 920
Sam Orton 223
Wayne Knoll Tanaka 178
Cal Miller (disqualified)
Rod Mann 1,835

Highland City Council Seat (4 advance)
Chris Dayton 294
Scott L. Smith 989
Tim Ball 545
Kevin Braddy (withdrew)
Christopher Kemp 793
Kurt Ostler 1,439
Lawrence U. Vidinha 25
John Hans Thomas 105
Dennis LeBaron 1,053
Elisabeth Luntz 506
Audrey Wright 370

Lehi mayor (2 advance)
R. Curtis Payne 843
Cody Black 1,478
Nolan J. Johnson 86
Mark I. Johnson 1,911
Bert Wilson 2,665

Lehi City Council (4 advance)
Paul C. Hancock 3,590
Bailey Holmes 2,211
Steven Sabey 1,163
Chris Condie 4,095
Sean Williams 1,450

Orem mayor (2 advance)
Richard F. Brunst Jr. 8,051
Hans V. Andersen 4,115
Archie A. Williams III 492

Orem City Council (6 advance)
Annette Harkness 3,063
David M. Spencer 5,901
Brent Sumner 6,495
Garrett Bodily 1,161
Melodee Andersen 3,677
Bart Richman 974
Drew Clark 1,895
Tom Macdonald 6,815
Kayson R. Max 395
Murray Low 2,644
Tommy Williams 867
Mattathias Westwood 1,017

Payson mayor (2 advance)
Mike Hardy 658
Richard D. Moore 335
Bill Wright 1,558

Payson City Council (4 advance)
Scott Pinkham 524
Scott Phillips 772
Taresa Hiatt 783
James Ewell (withdrew)
Larry Skinner 923
Brett Christensen 698
Randy Memmott 240
Thomas Guy Larson 335

Pleasant Grove City Council (4 advance)
Carrie Hammond (disqualified)
Roy F. Spindler (withdrew)
Ben Stanley 1,478
Nathan Stoker 317
Jeffrey Butler 357
Dianna N. Andersen 2,372
Blaine Thatcher 1,658
Eric Taylor 345
Todd Williams 1,890

Provo mayor (2 advance)
Sherrie Hall Everett 2,674
Eric W. Speckhard 943
Howard Stone 259
Michelle G. Kaufusi 3,889
John Fenley 98
Elliott G. Craig 78
Odell Miner 2,548
Kevin “The Wingman” Wing 164
Larry Walters 2,200

Provo Council District 2 (2 advance)
George Handley 653
David Clark 384
Leo Lines 199

Provo Council at-large (2 advance)
Hunter Phillips 2,085
Dave Sewell 6,099
Mike Roan 1,676
Wesley Marriott 2,099

Saratoga Springs City Council (4 advance)
Leah Hansen 712
Josh Daniels 561
Raymond B Campbell 283
Michael D.S. McOmber 731
Stephen Willden 969

Vineyard mayor (2 advance)
Shawn Scott Herring 101
Julie Fullmer 190
Randy E. Farnworth 162

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