Utah-Tube: BYU Vocal Point gets Michael McLean dancing with EDM



BYU Vocal Point’s latest music video may have the same effect on viewers it had on Michael McLean, spontaneous dancing.

The music video is an electronic dance music (EDM) mashup featuring songs like Calvin Harris’ “Outside,” Zedd’s “Clarity,” Krewella’s “Enjoy the Ride” and Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling.”

In the video, McLean goes from janitor to dancer as Vocal Point’s music inspires him to dance.

Utah Valley readers will recognize Vocal Point members with their skinny ties and blue suits, but some may not recognize McLean without the connection to his beloved work, “The Forgotten Carols.” Last December marked its the 25th annual performance.

Beatboxer Matt Newman drops some new beats in the song.

“I’m super proud of this project and everyone that was a part of it,” Newman wrote on Facebook. “I hope you all love it!”

Watch the video on YouTube here.


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