Alison Faulkner builds awesome brands in Provo


Earlier this year, Alison Faulkner partnered with others in the community to raise $50,000 for the Children’s Justice Center. The access to resources in Provo have helped build her brand, The Alison Show. (Photo by Jylare Smith Photography)

As told to Lindsey Williams

The Alison Show started as a blog called, “She Blogs She Blogs,” like the Ricky Martin song. Blogging and Instagram have always been my main channels. It’s changed a lot over the years, but the central message has always been only you can be you and you’re already as awesome as you need to be.

I’ve always thrown dance parties. I threw dance parties in high school. While I was at BYU the Provo Police would come and shut down my parties. I’ve always loved dancing. So when Instagram got video, it just seemed really natural to start dancing on Instagram.

I believe one of the greatest acts of service is self-love. When we love ourselves and appreciate ourselves, we’re able to give back to the world. Every interaction you have with people is that much sweeter. That’s the point of dancing —  dancing is about loving yourself.

My biggest focus recently has been my podcast, Awesome with Alison. I do it with my husband, Eric, who is a Provo music producer at Pleasant Pictures Studio in our home. We record the podcast there. The whole point is each time you listen, you find tools for self-improvement and self-mastery. It’s supposed to be fun but also inspiring.

“Only you can be you and you’re already as awesome as you need to be.” — Alison Faulkner, The Alison Show

The podcast is my most favorite thing I’ve ever done because of the emails and the feedback we get. It’s so overwhelmingly rewarding that people are taking the principles we’re talking about into their lives. People are sharing with us and increasing the quality of their lives on a day-to-day basis. Thinking that anything I say can have that effect is mind-blowing. I would never have assumed in a million years that I could change someone’s day-to-day quality of life.

I’ve started brand consulting. Entrepreneurs fly in from all over the country to Provo to attend my Build an Awesome Brand Workshop. It helps people assess, define and implement a strong brand so they can do what I’ve done. They can share whatever message they want to share.

I believe Provo is the best place to be for the career and the business I’m building. There’s a huge pool of resources and talent. Ten years ago, people would graduate and leave, and now people are staying and building the community. It’s not just a college town. There’s a lot more pride in the city and there’s just so many awesome people who contributed to that.

One of the most rewarding things I get to do is The Alison Show. Yes, it’s my job and my business but it’s also very much the messages I feel called to share. If you feel called to do it, freaking do it!

A lot of times we wait for permission or we wait to be better instead of going after what we want.

I really believe if you feel called to do it, you should do it. I’ve learned that for myself and I feel so empowered, excited and thrilled that I want to share it with everyone.


Utah Valley is Lindsey's home away from her Colorado Springs home. She writes for Utah Valley Magazine, and Prosper Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @lindsey5brooke.

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