An easy choice: Talon Shumway goes from ‘Lone Peak 5’ to ‘Go-To-Guy No. 1’


Talon Shumway, Soph., WR (Photo by BYU Photo)

BYU basketball fans know all about the “Lone Peak Three” from last year’s team. However, some might not remember that the high school national champions had a couple of other key players. UVU’s Conner Toolson was a 3-point threat that made teams pay for helping on a Nick Emery or TJ Haws drive.

But talk to fans who remember watching the Lone Peak basketball team and many will say the real key to the team’s success was Talon Shumway, now a sophomore receiver for the Cougars.

He was a lock-down defender and played more of the game above the rim than many college leapers.

However, his game on the football field was equally impressive — and he knew early that it was his preference.

“Football is always the sport I liked the most,” Talon says. “There were a few times it was a little bit of a tougher decision, but for the most part, I haven’t looked back.”

As one of the fresh faces to watch this year, Talon is expected to make his mark on the grass. While his action was limited last year (three catches for 49 yards on the season), his size, strength and ability to make a play on the ball have fans excited.

“We need to have more of a role this year — not just me but all of the receivers,” Talon says. “A lot of us are pretty young, so we need to make the plays when we get a chance. We have a great passing quarterback. We need to have a good passing season. We need to step up our game and make plays.”

And making plays in LaVell Edwards Stadium is right where Talon wants to be.

“This program, and this team, is right where I want to be,” he says. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Going You-Tubing

For a taste of the athleticism Talon Shumway brings to the Cougars, search YouTube for “Talon Shumway flip.”

You’ll find a high school Talon taking a pitch around the right side and cutting up field toward the goal line. With a Jordan High defender closing, Talon jumps over the defender — doing a flip in the air — and sticks the landing for six points.

“I don’t remember a lot about the play,” Talon says of his YouTube flip that has garnered 11,000+ views. “I just know it was an accident.”

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